This Will Be Our Year debuts at Zephyr Theatre!

Ali MacLean’s play This Will Be Our Year, described as a rock-n-roll Greek tragedy, melodramedy, or Normal People meets A Star Is Born, was a rock rollercoaster ride that audience members rode on Saturday at The Zephyr Theater.

The play, starring playwright MacLean, Adam Sinclair, Juliet Lopez, and Eric Delgado, chronicles the ten-year-long tumultuous relationship between fledgling rock star Hugo, and struggling jewelry designer Gen, and how it destroys their lives.

The play was directed by Jason Weiss, Artistic Director of No Pants Theatre, and a frequent collaborator of MacLean’s, and presented in workshop by the She LA Arts Festival.

Miss the show? Here are some photos of the run through, courtesy of photographer Rob Eves:

For more about the play, follow This Will Be Our Year on Twitter at: @ThisWillBeOurY1 and on Instagram at: @thsiwillbeouryeartheplay

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