Ali’s MTV Mental Health Action Day interviews are live

In 2021, MTV Entertainment Group and Partners launched the first Mental Health Action Day to shift the culture of mental health. With 1,800+ partners and millions of individual participants from across 32 countries, this year the focus is on deepening impact.

This year’s Mental Health Action Day is on Thursday, May 18th and the theme, planned in partnership with TaskForce, is ACTIONWhat if everyone dedicated one hour to take action for their mental health?

As a Mental Health Ambassador, and this year a Partner with MTV and Taskforce, Ali’s goal is to help empower people around the globe to take action for mental health, whether for themselves, their loved ones, or to advocate for systemic changes in their community.

As part of her participation in Mental Health Action Day, Ali has created content with stand-outs in the entertainment and media field, such as Frank Black (lead singer of the Pixies), Wil Wheaton (author and actor from Star Trek), Craig Finn (lead singer of The Hold Steady), Rachel Bloom (actress, writer of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Reboot), Michael Ian Black, (comedian and author), Mike Doughty (musician, author of The Book of Drugs), Carly Chaikin, (Artis, actress from Mr. Robot), Kat Corbett (Sirius XM radio host), Brent Morin (comedian, writer, actor of Undateable, Conan), and many more.

The videos will be updated every day. Check some of them out here now:

Charles Thompson aka Frank Black from The Pixes

Michael Ian Black
Rachel Bloom – clip one

In addition, on Thursday Ali is holding a roundtable discussion with Mental Health and Wellness advocate and NAMI ambassador Britt Turpack, Mental Health Activist and co-author with Lady Gaga, Juan Acosta, and artist and actress from this hit show Mr. Robot, Carly Chaikin.

Additional participants as well as more information about how each partner will activate on May 18 will be forthcoming. More on Mental Health Action Day and a current list of partners can be found at

About Mental Health Action Day

Mental Health Action Day – powered by MTV and Taskforce.


One thought on “Ali’s MTV Mental Health Action Day interviews are live

  1. Hey there! We absolutely love reading people’s blogs and the entertaining content that creators like you produce . Your unique voice enriches the engaging online community that we all cherish . Keep writing and empowering your audience, because your ideas can make a positive impact on the world. We can’t wait to read what you’ll produce next!

    Thanks- Jason

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