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Ali MacLean is an award winning writer, performer and on air personality who hails from Boston. Ali attended Miami University of Ohio where she won a scholarship to the La Jolla Playhouse Conservatory to study with Tony Award winner Des McAnuff. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she began studying improv at the acclaimed Groundlings Theatre under the tutelage of FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow.

Her TV writing credits include MTV’s BUZZKILL, WEB RIOT, HEAD TRIP, BLAME GAME, KATHY GRIFFIN’S SO CALLED REALITY, BIG URBAN MYTH SHOW, and VH1’s sketch show RANDOM PLAY. Ali then went on to create the MTV pilot TOWN MAUL and write for MTV2’s updated version of CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH.

Ali wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed one-act play TALES OF A BLEAKNIK, which ran for three years at the HBO Workspace in Los Angeles. She adapted her one-act into a screenplay feature entitled ALICE IN CHAINS, which went on to become a Chesterfield Writer’s Project semi-finalist and an IFP Filmmakers Program finalist.

Recently Ali produced and starred in a staged adaptation of MEDIA WHORE, called CELEBRITY BUZZ, at the Comedy Central Stages with co-stars Steven Weber and Samm Levine. She also created and starred in the web series LAW OF THE LAND, which she wrote for the DAVID CROSS and Syd Butler owned FKR TV.

Ali was on air on THE MANVERSATION, hosted by talk show host, Greg Behrendt. She also was the voice (and brains) behind INDIE 103.1 FM’s GIG GUIDE WITH ALI MACLEAN and went on to work on air at Sirius, Little Radio, Vlaze TV and Music Plus TV.

Ali produces comedy charity shows for the non-profit PEACE OVER VIOLENCE, for which she also serves on the advisory board. She has performed and shared the stage with top acts such as Tenacious D, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy Fallon, Dave Foley, Greg Proops, Sarah Silverman, Tim Heidecker, Retta, and Reggie Watts.

Ali’s essay on Hollywood can be read in THE AMERICAN DREAM published by NATION BOOKS. Ali is currently writes for outlets such as HUFFINGTON POST, THE KIND, BLASTR, and PYPO. She is writing and producing the comedy series LADY KILLER, a show she created for SUPER DELUXE, the digital wing of TURNER NETWORKS.

Video clips can be found at http://www.youtube.com/aliontheair

Or follow Ali on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/aliontheair


14 thoughts on “About Ali

  1. Ali – Thanks for the menition in your blog about Indie’s departure from LA radio… However, please note that we have not been “Star 98.7” for well over a year. We are simply nintey-eight seven, an alternative rock station making a lot of waves here in LA – with a larger 12+ cume audience than KROQ. Check us out more at http://www.987fm.com.
    Darren Rose
    Programming Coordinator
    On-Air Personality

  2. As luck would have it I weas listening to Spotify when I found your page and clicked on your page just as I found a new cracking song .Very appropriate. Its a stones song and I thought I knew all the good one .Apparently not “Jigsaw Puzzle” is on the beggars banquet album and its a cracker…I think you would like.

    It contains the line “there is a tramp on my doorstep trying to waste some time. With his methalated sandwhich he is a walking clothesline”

    not bad jagger not bad at all.

  3. The DJ Invertention videos are HILARIOUS, mostly because they are true.

    Been spinning records for 25+ years back in Boston – and I get paid less for a local gig that I did 15 years ago because of so many so called “DJs” who play with a library full of stolen downloads and no respect for the craft. Such a sad state of affairs.

    Best Wishes,

    Paul Dailey

    1. Thanks Paul! I’m from Boston and I can only imagine that it’s gotten worse. It’s really bad out here. Trust fund brats with ipods. I still crate dig for fun but it feels jurassic.

      Keep the faith!


  4. Hi Ali.

    It was great meeting you yesterday at the game and sorry for running out. I had a class to attend and a car valet. So I never returned your menu nor said goodbye.

    My contact info is on my blog, about page.

    Teddy Kechris

    1. I should have written… Sunday at the Cat & Fiddle. (technically neither of us were in South Africa although the surround sound vuvuzellas made it seem so.

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