Ali MacLean tapped for 24 Hour Plays Viral Monologues

Ali MacLean was listed in Playbill with theater luminaries such as Matthew Broderick, Kenneth Lonergan, Hugh Dancy, Will Arbery, and more, as part of the end of year 24 Hour Plays Viral Monologues.

Produced by 24 Hour Plays, the 22nd series of the Viral Monologues brings together some of the best playwrights and performers who are paired together to create a piece of theater. The Playwrights are virtual introduced to their actor and then given over night to write a piece. Then the actor has the following day to learn and shoot the piece. 24 Hour Plays releases the monologues every 15 minutes that evening.

This version of the Viral Monologues benefits the no-profit You Gotta Believe.

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