This Will Be Our Year debuts at the first SHE LA ARTS virtual theater festival

This Will Be Our Year was selected as part of the 2020 She NYC Arts/ She LA Arts Theatre Festival. The Festival was due to open at the Zephyr Theater this summer, but due to COVID has switched to a virtual, online festival.

THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR, was instead performed virtually, using an innovative approach by pre-recording with Zoom. The show was streamed on Friday, July 17th. 

the flea market

MacLean’s latest play, THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR, is a rock and roll Greek tragedy about a star-crossed, toxic love affair between a British rock star and a New York designer. In this modern tale of love and longing, Hugo and Gen, over the span of ten years, are cursed to destroy each other’s lives. This is the second from MacLean’s Zombies Plays Trilogy – plays based on songs by the 60’s rock group The Zombies. Each play examines relationships from a different toxic theme. 

A night in Vegas. Sc. 6. Rob Nagle as Hugo, Ali MacLean as Gen

Meet Hugo. Millions of girls want him. He could have any of them. But he wants Gen. Meet Gen. She’s not a people person. That is until she meets a certain person. And she wants Hugo. Hugo and Gen are perfect together, but can’t be together. Year after year they keep trying and it just might kill them. Watch them destroy each other.

I don't need a soundtrack to my misery! Sc. 10. Rob Nagle as Hugo, Ali MacLean as Gen

The play was directed and edited by award-winning director/writer and Artistic Director of No Pants Theatre, Jason Weiss. It starred Rob Nagle as Hugo, Ali MacLean as Gen, as well as Sharon Houston, Will Doughty, Wes McGee, and Megan Duffy rounding out the cast.

A contentious dinner. Sc 10. Rob Nagle-Hugo, Ali MacLean-Gen, Will Doughty-Dave, Sharon Houston-Shannon

The show also featured original music, including an original song with lyrics by Ali MacLean and music by Jason Weiss.

Hugo's biggest fan. Sc 10. Rob Nagle - Hugo, Megan Duffy-Fan, Ali MacLean-Gen

Stay tuned for more news on This Will Be Our Year, or follow the play’s:

IG: @thiswillbeouryeartheplay

Twitter: @ThisWillBeOurY1


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