Ali MacLean named talent ambassador for MTV’s Mental Health Action Day

Ali was tapped to be an ambassador and panelist for Mental Health Action Day, powered by MTV Entertainment. The second National ‘Mental Health Action Day’ is slated to drive the culture of Mental Health from awareness to action and takes place on May 19. Setting the theme of ‘Connection,’ Ali MacLean and more than 1400 companies and organizations will drive calls to action to address the surge of loneliness and isolation felt by millions as a result of the pandemic. 

Ali MacLean will be participating with more than 1,400 other leading companies, brands, nonprofits, and cultural leaders globally. As the global conversation around mental health continues – including the White House’s new unity agenda strategy to address mental health in the United States – finding effective resources and knowing how to get help remains a challenge. 

Leading up to the event, Ali will be vlogging about her personal journey and chatting with notable figures in music, film, TV, radio, and literature about how they foster connection and stay grounded. On the 19th Ali will be a panelist for the Women In Film/Respectability event on “authentically representing mental health on-screen while prioritizing it off-screen“.

Convened by MTV Entertainment Group, Mental Health Action Day was created with an open-source model that has effectively united and galvanized brands, organizational leaders, and cultural leaders to seamlessly integrate the message and spirit into their existing branding and voice. 

This year’s Mental Health Action Day theme, planned in partnership with TaskForce, is Connection as people of all ages continue to seek out ways to cope with loneliness stemming from the pandemic and turn to peer counseling to support their emotional wellbeing when struggling with isolation. We will encourage people to take their first steps towards mental health action — whether for themselves, for their loved ones or to advocate for systemic changes through a wide range of tools. Additionally, this year MTV has piloted a new partnership model, Mental Health Action Champions, that empowers interested partners and provides them with the freedom to innovate, manage, and customize a sector-specific strategy powered by Mental Health Action Day.

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