WOLVES AT THE DOOR premieres at Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Winterfest

Award-winning playwright Ali MacLean’s, WOLVES AT THE DOOR, premieres at the Winterfest play reading festival at Ensemble Studio Theatre Los Angeles on Sunday, January 13th. This play marks the follow up to MacLean’s previous play, SHE’S NOT THERE, which also debuted at Winterfest, and went on to win the John Gassner playwriting award.

WOLVES centers around a couple dealing with the heartbreaking ramifications of the death of their daughter in an incel fueled mass shooting. The play flips back and forth in time from the past as we see what set the shooter on his path and as he gears up to exact his plan, and the present with the parents trying to come to terms with the aftermath, as one of them wants to heal and one isn’t ready to move on.

This timely and thought-provoking show is directed by Chris Raymond and stars Will McFadden, Lizzie Peet, John Ennis, JP Manoux, Greg Winter, Ben Huth, Eve Sigall, William Warren, Lelani Squires, and Ariel Oliver.

WOLVES AT THE DOOR opens at 7 pm on January 13th. The Ensemble Studio Theatre LA is located at the Atwater Village Theatres at 3269 Casitas Ave, Los Angeles, California 90039. Tickets are $5-$15 dollars and can be purchased at: https://dime.io/…/winterfest-2…/event_dates/7225/orders/new/

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