MacLean’s residency at The Citadel ends with virtual presentation of This Will Be Our Year

Ali was named the Resident Artist at the Citadel of Playwrights this summer.

As a co-hort and resident artist, she spent weekly sessions presenting pages to the collective and panel of her play as she transferred it into a musical, with the new material by Craig Finn.

The work culminated with a virtual performance of This Will Be Our Year produced by Joan Milburn and led by Ali reprising her role as Gen, and Rob Nagle reprising the role of Hugo

With Juliet Lopez returning as Shannon, and Justin Huen as Dave. Ari Wojciech appeared as Jasper and the Roadie, and special guest Kat Corbett was the narrator.

The viewers were treated to the surprise of Craig Finn playing the songs he wrote for the play live, on the stream.

Next up will be a workshop of the show with a full band. Stay tuned!

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