EST presents MacLean’s Sullen Girl as part of SpringFest

The Ensemble Studio Theatre LA presented a virtual reading of Ali MacLean’s Sullen Girl as part of their SpringFest, a festival of play readings.

The play was initiated by playwright Leilani Squire, and the show was directed by MacLean herself. The cast included Alexandra Hellquist, Adam J. Smith, Rob Nagle, Anil Margsahayam, Felipe Figeroa, Harry Groener, and Kevin Comartin.

Sullen Girl follows Gen and her brother Kellan who find home life with their abusive father unbearable. However, once she escapes is when the real hell begins. Flipping back and forth in time, Gen grows up in a house that is haunted with horrible secrets which she takes with her as a young adult battling life in the Big Apple. She begins to realize no matter how many times she changes her life, her childhood trauma is waiting for her until she conquers it.

Some recent reviews:

“SULLEN GIRL, with its sharp and darkly-witty dialogue, takes a cold, hard look at some impossible truths–but it shows us the way out, too.”

“In one of the most brutally authentic “show-don’t-tell” styles, MacLean masterfully aligns non-linear but thematically-linked scenes that portray the lasting damages of trauma.”

“Dark, honest, brave, bold, and searing, this drama tells it all. People should know and see this play. 

Sullen Girl is available for viewing for a limited time:

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