MacLean’s ‘The Point’ being performed for ANDTheatre’s Eclectics

Ali MacLean’s short work The Point, a ten minute play based on four Massachusetts ne’erdowells drinking in the woods at the Chesterfield Gorge, has been selected for the ANDTheatre Eclectics Play Festival. Due to Covid, the festival will be online this year. MacLean is directing her own play and rehearsals began last week.

The plot for The Point is described as a “townie thriller”:

Murph and Scanlan join lovebirds Teenie and Lugo for a debaucherous party deep in the Massachusetts woods. At first, they miss the underlying tension between the couple but then they realize the night is about to take a deadly turn.

Starring in the short play are Allison Minick, Nevin Millan, Aaron Lyons, and Alex Demers. Show dates are May 22nd and 23rd. Times TBA.

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