Lady Killer Performed by Veteran Comedy Cast at Scriptd Virtual Reading

A cast of veteran stage and TV actors led a laugh-filled reading of MacLean’s dark comedy, Lady Killer, which explores women who date men in prison.

The Scriptd reading, which comprised of the pilot and second episode, included Emily Goss (Shook), Wes McGee (NCIS), Deb Hiett (Documentary Now), Rob Nagle (Little Fires Everywhere), Phil LaMarr (Veep), Toby Huss (GLOW), Susan Yeagley (Parks and Rec), Adam J. Smith (The Orville), Mike McShane (Whose Line Is It Anyway), Mark Fite (Mom), Matt Kirshen (Legit), Lloyd Roberson II (40), (Grace Serrano (Hummingbird), and Ian Littleworth (Storyville), with MacLean playing a role as well. Jason Weiss served as narrator.

Video clips from the Scriptd event will be available soon.

Here are some snapshots from the virtual event.

Emily Goss as Shelly Landry and Wes McGee as inmate Wayne Lee Norris
Shelly (Emily Goss) and her parents Bud Landry (Rob Nagle) and Darlene Landry (Deb Hiett) clash over her relationship with a convict.
Wayne (Wes McGee) and his new and inexperienced lawyer Mason DuPuis (Phil LaMarr)
Shelly (Emily Goss) and her friend Lexi Boler (Ali MacLean) raise money for their boyfriends’ legal fees. The townspeople (Grace Serrano) object.
A fight in the prison yard! Reg Curtis (Lloyd Roberson II) Wayne (Wes McGee) Carl (Mark Fite) and the guard (Adam J. Smith) try to subdue The Shark (Ian Littleworth).
Lexi (Ali MacLean) gets both spiritual and tactical support from Pastor John (Mike McShane)

Shelly’s brother-in-law Hale (Adam J. Smith) and her beauty queen sister Pepper (Susan Yeagley) disapprove of her convict boyfriend.

Shelly has competition from prison groupie Tiffany St. Clair (Grace Serrano).
Sheriff Duke Drudge (Toby Huss) will make sure Wayne never gets out.
The Documentarian (Matt Kirshen).
Wayne Lee Norris (Wes McGee) mug shot.
Reg Curtis (Lloyd Roberson II) mug shot.

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