MTV Mental Health Action Day chats with Mike Doughty, Will Wheaton, and Craig Finn!

This year’s Mental Health Action Day is on Thursday, May 18th and the theme, planned in partnership with TaskForce, is ACTIONWhat if everyone dedicated one hour to take action for their mental health?

As an MTV Mental Health Talent Ambassador, and this year a Partner with MTV and Taskforce, Ali’s goal is to help empower people around the globe to take action for mental health, whether for themselves, their loved ones, or to advocate for systemic changes in their community.

As part of her participation in Mental Health Action Day, Ali has created content with stand-outs in the entertainment, music, wellness, advocacy, and media field.

Here are a few:

Musician and author of Book of Drugs, Mike Doughty

Singer/songwriter/front man for acclaimed rock band The Hold Steady, Craig Finn

Actor/Podcaster/Author/ NAMI ambassador Will Wheaton

On Thursday, May 18th Ali is holding a roundtable discussion with Mental Health and Wellness advocate and NAMI ambassador Britt Turpack, Mental Health Activist and co-author with Lady Gaga, Juan Acosta, and artist and actress from the hit show Mr. Robot, Carly Chaikin.

Additional participants as well as more information about how each partner will activate on May 18 will be forthcoming. More on Mental Health Action Day and a current list of partners can be found at

Mental Health Action Day – powered by MTV and Taskforce.


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