Eat To The Beat – a new show with rock stars and appetizers

I’ve been re-inspired by my trip across the pond (more on this to come) and my attendance of a taping of the great Later with Jools Holland – the only show left which truly is ‘about the music’.  I’ve pitched a music based show here in the states to countless networks for the past six years, to no avail. Even MTV has said, and I’m quoting, “We want to steer away from music programming.” They just don’t think there’s an audience for music lovers.

Well, I think they’re wrong. I think you have all flocked to online sites such as Pitchfork and the likes to catch glimpses of interviews and performances. Even in a bad recession you crowd music festivals and sell out venues for your favorite groups. During my tenure at Vlaze TV, I was bowled over by the hundreds of thousands of hits an interview with a musician would gather OVERNIGHT. You music lovers are out there and you will tune in.

So I’m taking matters into my own hands. I am launching fundraising for my new music program on a wonderful site called Now the rest is up to YOU. If you want to see more interviews and more music, then pass it on and make a donation.

The wonderful thing about new media and the new model is that network executives (who are out of touch and shoving more Real Housewives crap down our throats), are ultimately not in charge anymore. WE are. So help me help you, as Mr. McGuire said.

I will bring you good music television. Promise.



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