Worn Free T Shirts – A Little Bit Comfy, A Little Bit Rock N Roll

The people at Worn Free Tees had the ingenious idea to license and recreate old soft worn in rock tees that have been seen on some of the greatest rock n roll stars of our time. Culling from the archive photos and closets of legends like Joey Ramone, John Lennon, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Kurt Cobain, Frank Zappa and Gram Parsons, Worn Free offers up these iconic tees with a backstage pass styled hang tag that tells you when and where the star was first spotted in them.

This has got to be the best blend of music and fashion. Where else can you find the clothes of your favorite icons without breaking the bank or being overdressed? Worn Free shirts have been spotted on the Kaiser Chiefs, Travis, Joel McHale, Carmen Electra, The Roots, The Whip, Ellen Page, Robert Downey Jr. and Gary Oldman.

I was very flattered when Worn Free sent me a few tees to wear on my show. And the tees were flattering and comfortable, not to mention cool as f#*k. On my way to interview Juan MacLean at his Hollywood show at Control, photog extraordinaire Rony Alwin, who (obviously can’t read) snapped this photo…

photo by Rony Alwin. T shirt by Worn free
photo by Rony Alwin. T shirt by Worn Free

Well, Worn free saw this pic and fired off a love letter. The feeling is mutual. πŸ™‚

You can read their blog here:

Worn Free

In July there is a discount on all of the Debbie Harry tees in honor of the ultimate Blondie’s birthday. You can order shirts here:

Worn Free Tees

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