R.I.P Bettie Page

Legendary pin up/fetish model Bettie Page died in Los Angeles last night.

Not only was she a pop culture icon, who bucked trends, she paved the way for many revivals which included the rockabilly look that still skulks around hipster corners today.

Many actresses and musicians have cribbed her look, including Madonna, Uma Thurman, Demi Moore and a wide range of Goth tarts that play top 40 today.
The LA Times wrote:

“David Stevens, creator of the comic-book and later movie character the Rocketeer, immortalized her as the Rocketeer’s girlfriend. Fashion designers revived her look.
There were Bettie Page playing cards, lunch boxes, action figures, T-shirts and beach towels. Her saucy images went up in nightclubs. Bettie Page fan clubs sprang up. Look-alike contests, featuring leather-and-lace and kitten-with-a-whip Betties, were organized.


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