Tom Morello, Rage, plan show/rally opposite Republican Convention

When it comes to politics, many people complain that musicians should shut up and play. I for one am glad that we have outspoken troubadours today, running the gamut from Billie Joe to Bruce. Tom Morello is one of the best. I have tremendous respect for him and his collaborators. If you happen to be in Minneapolis, go check out their shows.

Kudos to those who speak out and never back down, cave to pressure or let anyone silence their views…except Toby Keith. Toby you should shut up and play. Maybe not so much with the playing either…

“Rage Against The Machine have scheduled yet another show, this time in Minneapolis in conjunction with the Republican National Convention. The band will perform at Minneapolis’ Target Center on September 3 while the convention is going on across the river from September 1 to 4. In addition to the Rage show, guitarist Tom Morello also will hook up with singer/songwriter and fellow social activist Steve Earle to perform a show at a union rally on September 1 in St. Paul.”

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