The Point performed at EST’s Winterfest

Ali MacLean’s edgy short play The Point was presented on Sunday, March 6th as part of Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Winterfest Reading Series.

The play, which was also directed by MacLean is a comedic, thriller about dating, substance abuse, and violence in a small working-class New England town.

Loosely based on a true story and people MacLean knew from Massachusetts growing up, the script is written in a Boston accent phonetically so that each actor has the tool to sound accurate. The cast included w/ Nevin Millan, Eric Rudnick, Aaron Lyons, ALI MacLEAN, & Adam J. Smith.

Aaron Lyons and Nevin Millan in The Point
Ali MacLean and Adam J. Smith in The Point
Ali MacLean, Adam J. Smith, and Aaron Lyons in The Point

The play will be published next year by Smith & Kraus Books.

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