The Point presented at ANDTheatre Festival

Ali’s short film The Point, a gothic tale about four Massachusetts townies partying at Chesterfield Gorge, was presented this past week at the ANDTheatre’s Eclectic Festival.

“The Point”
Written & Directed by Ali MacLean
With Nevin Millan as Lugo
Alison Minick as Teenie
Alexander Demas as Murph
Aaron Lyons as Scanlan

A Q&A session was held after, where MacLean explained her inspiration for the play which combined a prompt from a theater writing group, Bon Jovi, and her teen experience at a party point in the woods.

“These were the older kids I was sort of afraid of. I wondered about them. The ones dealing drugs. The ones with records. The ones that thought us high school kids were lame and bougie? When we went home, what went down?” It is also a testament to teen dating and violence.

The play, which has the dialogue spelled out phonetically in a Boston dialect, also includes a fight scene, which was carefully crafted and choreographed to work for a Zoom production. “We are limited within this medium. So I had to come up with the best way to show this fight, with all four actors being in separate places.”

The play continues to screen on demand via AndTheatre through May 23 and 24.

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