Ali MacLean’s ‘This Will Be Our Year’ Set for Debut at Ensemble Studio Theatre

Rock N Roll Greek Tragedy ‘This Will Be Our Year’ Set for Debut at Ensemble Studio Theatre

AliPoster photo credit: Megan Duffy

LOS ANGELES, CA (Thursday, January 2nd, 2020) – The debut of new play THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR by award-winning playwright, television writer, and actor Ali MacLean, has been set for Ensemble Studio Theatre LA’s Winterfest staged reading festival on Sunday, January 19th at 7pm.

Funny, poignant, and devastating, THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR is a rock and roll Greek tragedy where a meet-cute devolves into the romantic ruin of two smart, funny, but damaged people. The play follows Gen, a struggling New York jewelry designer, and Hugo, a fledgling British rock star, over the span of ten years as they meet, come together, fall apart, and destroy each other’s lives:

Meet Hugo. Millions of girls want him. He could have any of them. But he wants Gen. Meet Gen. She’s not a people person. That is until she meets a certain person. And she wants Hugo. Hugo and Gen are perfect together, but can’t be together. Year after year they keep trying and it just might kill them.

This is the second from MacLean’s Zombies Plays Trilogy – plays based on songs by the 60’s rock group The Zombies. Each play (She’s Not There, This Will Be Our Year, and I’ll Call You Mine) examines relationships from a different toxic theme: depression and co-dependence, adultery and addiction, obsession and revenge. When love is the drug, relationships have the ability to make zombies of us all.

The play will be directed by John Ennis and features Rob Nagle, Ali MacLean, Lauren Campadelli, Anil Margsahayam, and Christine Hamilton Schmidt

Tickets are on sale now at

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