Bikini Beats – Calvin Harris Makes A Humanthesizer

Ut oh. Another reason to work out… A LOT.

With electro tunes, ecstasy and Sparks, there isn’t much reason needed for nu rave kids to shed their clothes and rub up against each other on the dance floor, but Calvin has created another reason to wear nothing but one of those lame American Apparel bikinis – to actually create music.

Of course, when I lay down tracks in the studio, my models will all look like Rufus Sewell…but it’s all about the music.

Read more below about Harris’ Humanthesizer:


Humanthesizer, a unique human synthesizer. The instrument employs 15 bikini clad models and a new electric body ink developed by students at the Royal College of Art, London.

The new ink, when painted on the skin, allows a current to be passed through the body without causing an electric shock. The instrument consists of 34 pads on the floor which have been painted with the conductive ink and connected to a computer via some clever custom electronics. The performers stand on the pads, and touch each other on the hands or body to complete a circuit and trigger a sound. Calvin played the main keyboard line and effects by interacting with a row of eight girls. The rhythmic portions of the track were played by seven dancers performing a carefully choreographed routine.

The project is the result of collaboration between Calvin Harris, creatives Phil Clandillon and Steve Milbourne at Sony Music, Columbia Records and a group of masters students from the RCA’s Industrial Design Engineering programme.

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