Feed Your Soul – Noise In The Basement Music Festival

Hey Baltimore: Feeling the sorrow of another year the O’s wont bring home the pennant? Ease your soul with the Noise in the Basement festival, featuringsome of the best in soul and hip hop, including Janelle Monae, Nappy Roots and One Block Radius, featuring my old frined MDA from my Music Plus TV hosting days. MDA, youse is blowin up my friend!


The festival takes place September 17th-20th…more information below.



Los Angeles, CA- Baltimore is bringing you a four day festival filled with rock, soul, R&B and HIP-HOP music. 

Noise In the Basement is a massive gathering of indie-record stores, representing over 700 stores from the 

US and Canada, in Baltimore, MD. 

Soul and R&B acts on the bill for September 17th are K’NAAN, One Block Radius, and Nappy Roots 

amongst a host of astonishing artists. 

My Crew Be Unruly presents a Tribute to K-Swift on Friday, September 19th at Fletcher’sBar. DJ K- Swift 

was best known as the Queen of Baltimore Club Edgerton’s radio show Off the Hook Radio which aired on 

92.3 WERQ-FM. K-swift masterly orchestrated the rise of Baltimore’s club music onto the airwaves. She was 

also the founder of Club Queen Entertainment, a group focused on creating signature graphics, production 

and management within the music industry. 

The festivities will wind down lavishly at the Sonar Lounge at 407 East Saratoga Street in Baltimore 

featuring Kindred Family Soul, Eric Robeson, Janelle Monae, Noot d’ Noot, and Ndelible, along with 

local celebrity DJ’s and special music industry guests. The event will commence at 8PM, Saturday, 

September 20th. 

Ticket and updated artist info for all events is available at http://www.cdjoint.com/nitb 

Music Monitor Network convenes twice a year, once at the annual NARM meeting and again at a 

separate Music Monitor Network Convention and Creative Conference, called Noise in the Basement, which 

is held in Baltimore, MD in September. 

Music Monitor Network was formed in June of 1997 to benefit both mid-sized independently owned music 

retailers and record labels/distributors. As retailers with 2 to 30 stores, Network account chains are large 

enough to deal direct with the major labels and are considered to be very important accounts in terms of 

breaking artists. By combining the marketing efforts of mid-sized chains across the country, the Music 

Monitor Network allows labels to save time and money by enjoying economies of scale in the execution of 

innovative promotional/advertising campaigns.

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